Are you ready to
future proof your business?

Imagine that you can use your amazing business to make a real difference in the world. Come fly with us!

Are you a radical business leader wanting to change your industry, and by doing so, the world?

Do you struggle with whether to focus on impact or growth first?

And end up getting overwhelmed by the ‘busyness’ of it all – and not doing either well?

If you said YES to these questions, then we want to hear from you!

We will help you to:

  • get clarity on your overall change strategy
  • understand your financial opportunities
  • communicate the difference you make 

You will then be able to:

  • influence more effectively
  • grow more sustainably
  • leave a lasting legacy

The time to transform your business has to be now

How to ensure your business is future proof?

Every business needs to make a profit to survive. We get that. 

But as you well know, just making a profit is not enough. You have a dream. A purpose. You already know why your business exists and there is a soul to your business.

However, you want to make a positive impact in the world too and to communicate it in a simple and effective way.

So, how do you generate profit while making that positive impact? How do you manage it all in a seamless way so that your business not just survives… but thrives?

We believe that external success (profits) and the internal promotion and adoption of social and ecological values don’t need to be independent of each other. 

Gaining clarity and understanding how you can manage the social impact your business creates in a meaningful way is a transformation process.

We’ll help you empower and enrich your business, employees and partnerships that will delight your stakeholders, and to optimise your profits at the same time. 

By doing all that, you’ll Future Proof Your Business! And the planet…

Future Proof Your Business and transform for success

"Social Impact is the effect on people, communities, and the environment that happens as a result of your
business action - or inaction.”

Integrate social impact management into your business model

Are you curious to find out what your business could look like when you bring Playful Adventure, Inspired Action and Positive Flow into it?

What if you could create a culture where your customers, employees, suppliers and investors feel proud to be part of? And to share the impact you are creating in the world?

We help you to redefine your business success based on Purpose, People and Planet, as well as Profit.

That’s what your clients, employees, and increasingly, investors expect. There is a new paradigm that is going beyond Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Impact Measurement. This is the true Future Proof way.

Assessments and advisory

Future Proof your social IMPACT and FINANCES

Understand your finances better to have a bigger social impact and to become investment-ready. Discover your next steps to grow a more financially sustainable business  with a lasting legacy.

Coaching and mentoring

Future Proof your mindset and purpose

Get clarity on your purpose to align your business for a meaningful change. Develop a mindset that serves the purpose and allows you to thrive together with your business.

Programmes and courses

Social Impact business by design

Design social impact management structures and systems that work for you. Safeguard your legacy for future generations. Discover the benefits of business as a force for good.

Creating a business is a journey. It constantly challenges you and empowers you.

It enables you to build communities, to co-create magic, and to discover who you really are.

It fundamentally rocks, shapes, and transforms you... And you have an opportunity to make a real impact in the world.

Joyful & Empowered

A new way of being and doing business
- the future proof way

We invite you to design, understand, manage, and drive your social impact goals. 

This will help you to:

  • Align your business vision with a social impact mission
  • Attract better employees, customers, and forward-thinking investors
  • Take a strategic approach to social impact that makes sense
  • Co-create meaningful change in the global community
  • Leave a lasting legacy for all our future generations

Imagine that you can use your own amazing business to make a real difference in the world—for the good of all. 

How would that make you feel? What would making a difference in the world mean to you?

We know that change starts from within. And then, spreads to the world.

Relaxed & Friendly

designed for meaningful change

Future Proof Your Business in 6 Steps

Discover the 6 Steps that will enable you to dream bigger grow more sustainably and create more value and impact in the world.

5 Steps to financial empowerment

Why stop at creating money when you can build wealth and value as well. There is a lot more to money than ‘just’ the numbers!

social impact business
by design

Design your unique Social Impact Roadmap to transform your business from the inside out and attract perfect customers, investors, and employees.

Visioning workshop

Co-create your impact vision with your team and other stakeholders. Agree on an inspired action plan. What does your business and its impact look like in 10 years time?

Annual social impact review

Let us review the change you are making internally and externally. Communicate it efficiently to your stakeholders throughout the year. Create a plan for the next year. 

Transformation of you

Get clarity on your purpose. Make the essential internal changes to manifest your vision. Gain personal tools to keep you on track of your journey of change.

Business can be a powerful change maker for now and for the future

The United Nations (U.N.) Global Goals give us a framework in this DECADE OF ACTION to:

  • Rebuild Active Economies
  • Co-create Beautiful Societies
  • Regenerate a Clean Planet
The U.N. Global Goals will ensure no one is left behind by 2030.
Future Proof - Active Economy Global Goals
Future Proof - Active Economy Global Goals
Future Proof - Beautiful Society Global Goals
Future Proof - Beautiful Society Global Goals
Future Proof - Clean Planet Global Goals
Future Proof - Clean Planet Global Goals

Which of the 17 U.N. Global Goals do you stand for?

The Global Goals provide a golden opportunity in the Decade of Action for all of us to decide what we want our lives, our business, and our collective futures to look and feel like.

Our business is founded on the principles of Quality Education, Gender Equality, Climate Action and Partnership for the Goals.

What are the foundations of your business?


What others Say About Us

“We learned so much from Sue and Anne! There is a new way of being and doing business: doing good while doing well. Social impact is really important, and everyone has a role to play.”

Flavia Kirunda, Programme Manager of Beat Africa, South Africa

Testimonial Gerdi Verwoert, Dare Greatly Coaching

“When you want to create a business model that aligns with one or more of the Global Sustainability Goals, to make sure you will continue to make a difference, I highly recommend working with Future Proof Your Business.”

Gerdi Verwoert, Dare Greatly Coaching, Austria

Testimonial Tina Jonasen, Female Courage Foundation

“Having known and worked with Anne and Sue – I can only give my Highest Recommendations!”

Tina Jonasen, Founder of Female Courage Foundation, Denmark

Testimonial from Woon Tan, Podcast Publishing

“If you are looking to get any advice or help from someone with experience of running a social impact organisation or a traditional business on similar principles, Anne and Sue are the people to speak to.”

Woon Tan, Founder of Podcast Publishing, UK

Testimonial for Future Proof Your Business by Dr Aster Brylka

“I can strongly recommend Anne and Sue if you are thinking of launching your own business but lack clarity on where to start, or when your current business is struggling and it needs some serious remodelling with social impact goals.”

Dr Aster Brylka, Diversity and Inclusion Expert, UK

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