Future-proof your business

Do you worry how to attract and retain talent?

Is the staff turnover costing you too much?

Would you like to have happy staff that are excited to work for you?

You cannot afford to loose talent by not keeping ups to date with the rapidly changing world.

We help you to create a working environment that inspires and motivates your staff through workshops and training programmes.

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Future-proof you

Are you feeling tired and lacking inspiration?

Do you wish for clarity and direction in your life?

Would you like to be happy? Really ‘Selfishly Happy’?

You burning-out and being exhausted doesn’t help anyone, least you. 

Our 1-2-1 coaching programme will bring energy, happiness, meaning, and success into your life.

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Integrate social impact management into your business model and engage your staff with your mission. Meaningful work creates a happy ecosystem for success.

Assessments and advisory

Future Proof your social IMPACT and FINANCES

Understand your finances better to have a bigger social impact and to become investment-ready. Discover your next steps to grow a more financially sustainable business  with a lasting legacy.

Coaching and mentoring

Future Proof your mindset and purpose

Get clarity on your purpose to align your business for a meaningful change. Develop a mindset that serves the purpose and allows you to thrive together with your business.

Programmes and courses

Social Impact business by design

Design social impact management structures and systems that work for you. Safeguard your legacy for future generations. Discover the benefits of business as a force for good.

Joyful & Empowered

A new way of being and doing business
- the future proof way

We are here to help you to:

  • Align your business vision with a social impact mission
  • Attract better employees, customers, and forward-thinking investors
  • Take a strategic approach to social impact that makes sense
  • Co-create meaningful change in the global community
  • Leave a lasting legacy for the future generations
Relaxed & Friendly

designed for meaningful change

Visioning workshop

Co-create your impact vision with your team and other stakeholders. Agree on an inspired action plan. What does your business and its impact look like in 10 years time?

Annual social impact review

Let us review the change you are making internally and externally. Communicate it efficiently to your stakeholders throughout the year. Create a plan for the next year. 

Transformation of you

Get clarity on your purpose. Make the essential internal changes to manifest your vision. Gain personal tools to keep you on track of your journey of change.


What others Say About Us

“We learned so much from Future Proof Your Business! There is a new way of being and doing business: doing good while doing well. Social impact is really important, and everyone has a role to play.”

Flavia Kirunda, Programme Manager of Beat Africa, South Africa

Testimonial Gerdi Verwoert, Dare Greatly Coaching

“When you want to create a business model that aligns with one or more of the Global Sustainability Goals, to make sure you will continue to make a difference, I highly recommend working with Future Proof Your Business.”

Gerdi Verwoert, Dare Greatly Coaching, Austria

Testimonial Tina Jonasen, Female Courage Foundation

“Having known and worked with Future Proof Your Business – I can only give my Highest Recommendations!”

Tina Jonasen, Founder of Female Courage Foundation, Denmark

Testimonial from Woon Tan, Podcast Publishing

“If you are looking to get any advice or help from someone with experience of running a social impact organisation or a traditional business on similar principles, speak to Future Proof Your Business.”

Woon Tan, Founder of Podcast Publishing, UK

Testimonial for Future Proof Your Business by Dr Aster Brylka

“I can strongly recommend Future Proof Your Business if you are thinking of launching your own business but lack clarity on where to start, or when your current business is struggling and it needs some serious remodelling with social impact goals.”

Dr Aster Brylka, Diversity and Inclusion Expert, UK

"Social Impact is the effect on people, communities, and the environment that happens as a result of your business action - or inaction.”

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