Meet the co-founders

We are Sue Jackson and Anne Bland. We both grew up with a dream. A dream to change the world. But as it often happens, our lives took over and we ended up doing the usual things such as studying and getting married; working for others and setting up our own businesses; divorcing and raising children; nurturing relationships and giving back to society.

And then in 2020—the year of COVID-19—we found each other. We both realised that all along, we have been changing the world in so many ways, but on our own. Now, it was time to join forces. We’d start helping other entrepreneurs and business leaders to do also change the world. One business at a time. 

About Sue Jackson, Co-CEO of Future Proof Your Business
Sue Jackson, CEO
Chief Empowerment Officer

Sue Jackson is a business advisor and coach. Sue has more than 25 years of finance experience with global corporations, small and medium sized enterprises and charities. Sue loves simplifying complex ideas and challenging entrepreneurs and business leaders to realise their true potential by co-creating value and dreaming bigger. Sue has a BA in Modern Languages and is a Qualified Accountant and Tax Adviser in the UK. Sue feels most aligned with the U.N. Global Goals: Quality Education; and Gender Equality. Sue is also passionate about helping women to become more financially independent.

About Anne Bland, Co-CEO of Future Proof Your Business
Anne Bland, CEO
Chief Ecstasy Officer

Anne Bland has been pro-actively changing the world at individual, business, social and global levels. She is an ex-Green Party Deputy Leader in Finland and has over 20 years of experience in social enterprise and social impact. As a multi-passionate woman and a life-long learner, she has a MSc in Social Investment, Philanthropy and Grantmaking, and has recently invested 750 hours in learning ancient Tantric wisdom. She brings a ‘can do’ -attitude and a spirit of joy into business and partnership development. Anne resonates most with the U.N. Global Goals: Gender Equality; and Climate Action.

What we can do for you

Why Future Proof Your Business?

The world is facing health, economic, social, political, climate and environmental crisis.

As an entrepreneur or a business leader you most probably feel that you should – and could – do more for the world in general. And you’re most probably right. But, there are only limited hours in the day and the management of your business takes much of your time. 

However, there is a new global demand emerging. Clients, consumers, employees, and investors are expecting businesses to care more about social and environmental global issues. 

Are you already rising to this challenge? If you are, then how are you demonstrating the positive differences you are making?

Lastly, do you know how you can continue to do your part and still sustain business profit?

Learn a new way of BEing and DOing business for leadership and community-building, rooted in consciousness and willingness to build effective partnerships for sustainable solutions for the betterment of all. The Future Proof Way.

 Now, you don’t need to figure it out on your own. We welcome you to join forces with a like-minded tribe of Future-Proofers. 

That’s why we exist.

About Future Proof Your business

We co-founded Future Proof Your Business in the COVID year of 2020.

2020 brought many things from a collective trauma experience including great sadness and destitution, to the most beautiful acts of kindness, courage, and love.

Our MISSION was sprung from the hope for a better future. We want to co-create a movement of:

one million social impact businesses

These businesses will make the world a better place by empowering global transformation with Purpose and Profit whilst positively impacting People and the Planet.

And as part of the journey, they will also FUTURE PROOF their business… and the Planet for generations to come. 

What do we do?

We help to design business ecosystems that have social impact as the beating heart of thriving communities and the engine behind the business success. We do this through:

  • Future Proof Assessments and Consultancy
  • Future Proof Coaching and Mentoring
  • Future Proof Programmes and Courses
  • Future Proof Community

In December 2020, we had the honour to win 2nd Prize from the Entrepreneurs Institute in their Global Summit. As part of this Enterprise Award in 2021, we are ourselves working with their mentors to make our vision a reality. 

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Change, growth, development, and transformation are constant. We can choose to make it a conscious transformation for the good of all.


Love is the Superpower that is for ourselves as business leaders, for all others, and for the Planet. Love together with compassion is a true change-enabler.


Sustainability means meeting our needs without jeopardising the others and future generations’ ability to meet their needs. And we need to leave the Planet in a far better condition than when we arrived.


Authenticity is about being true to yourself and taking action aligned to your truth and purpose. It is about becoming YOU. With courage.

Future Proof Your Finances and Social Impact

"The planet will go bankrupt if we, as business leaders, can’t figure out how to change our economies to business-led ecosystems based on Purpose, People, Planet - as well as Profit.”

Sue and Anne, Future Proof Your Business Tweet

We believe that...

A better world is possible. It requires all of us to use our moral imagination and then to take inspired action.

But, the change starts from within. Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the best personal and spiritual development paths you can experience. If you have tried and failed, succeeded and grown, you know that nothing challenges and teaches you more than owning a business (except perhaps being a parent…).

A business is a force for good and can make a true and lasting difference in the world. At Future Proof Your Business, we believe that we have the compass and the map to help you along that journey.

We believe in giving.

Therefore, this is an invitation for you. If you feel a calling to join us then come and have an adventure! 

Join the Movement

We can co-create a better world – one business at a time
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