Future Proof Your Business and the World with Moral Imagination

Moral imagination, a Leadership skill you need

Moral imagination is one of the most important leadership skills you need to future proof your business.  The recent crises have proven that the skills we most need as a human race are not based on analysis and thinking anymore. Instead, they are based on imagination and creativity. The former skills are part of the Age

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Our Impact Future

Be the Change: New Leadership for the Future

What does future leadership in post-COVID-19 world look like? Jacqueline Novogratz has a suggestion. “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” may or may not have been exclaimed by Mahatma Gandhi, but certainly it is the takeaway I got from listening to Jacqueline Novogratz. Jacqueline is the founder and CEO of the impact investment

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Future Proof Your Business Supports the UN Global Goals Wheel

Why as a business leader should you care about the global goals?

Why are the Global Goals important to your business? Why should you care? The world is changing fast. The COVID-19 pandemic, ever-accelerating climate change, and the annihilation of established power structures (in the form of movements like Black Lives Matter and Me Too, and multiple political crisis) are examples of how we are leaving ‘old

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Does social impact matter? Butterflies pollinating

What is Social Impact?

Someone recently asked me: “What is the difference between ‘Impact’ and ‘Social Impact’?” I thought it was a great question! There are many literal and theoretical definitions for both. Here’s my interpretation and why I think they both are valid and necessary for business. What is Impact? Impact in one sense means ‘having a marked effect

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