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“The Future Of Business: Purpose, People, Planet and Profit”

Do you want to:
1. Create a healthier, happier and wealthier business that is a Force for Good?
2. Attract and retain the best employees, partners and investors that are engaged to your purpose and growth
3. Be aligned with the changing needs of your customers?
4. Ensure your business is best prepared for future disruptions such as the Covid-19 crisis?
5. Make a sustainable impact in the world as well as being successful?
6. Leave a legacy to be proud of?

If yes, please download our free mini guide!


Social Impact | Green Leadership | Global Activism

Anne Bland has been pro-actively changing the world at individual, business, social and global levels. As an ex-Green politician and an expert in social enterprise and social impact sectors, she brings a ‘can do’-attitude and a spirit of joy into business and partnership development. Her purpose is Gender Equality and Partnership for Global Goals.

Anne Bland 

Anne Bland, Chief Ecstasy Officer

Financial Expertise | Governance | Systems

Sue Jackson is a business coach with over 25 years’ finance experience in large corporations, small and medium sized businesses and charities. She loves empowering entrepreneurs and business leaders to dream bigger and to find their own solutions. Her purpose is Quality Education and Partnership for Global Goals.


Sue Jackson, Chief Empowerment Officer

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