Global Goals for Business Leaders – why should you care?

Why are the Global Goals important for business leaders? Why should you care? I argue that they provide a framework for visioning a better future for all as well as the roadmap how to get there. And, that is what your customers and other stakeholders are expecting.

The world is changing fast. The COVID-19 pandemic, ever-accelerating climate change, and the annihilation of established power structures (in the form of movements like Black Lives Matter and Me Too, and multiple political crisis) are examples of how we are leaving ‘old ways’ behind. At the same time, we are vigorously co-creating a new world.

Some of these ‘wicked problems’ have strong opposing components with no simple, or possible solutions. In effect, they reveal and contribute to deeper issues ranging from personal and family, to societal and economic problems. 

Therefore, if we’re unable to solve the world’s wicked problems, what can we do? Should we accept the current state of affairs and give in? Or, should we choose sides, argue and battle, and hope the winning outcome is positive?

Re-imagining your business and the world with Care

Actually, we at the Future-Proof Your Business propose neither. We join hands with the others in re-imagining a new way of being and doing business by asking better questions.

What if, in less than a decade, we could describe this world as having Active Economies, Beautiful Societies and a Clean Planet? #futurevision #globalgoals

What would that mean to you, to your loved ones? If that was something that aligns with your inner purpose and truth, as a business leader, what are you inspired to do about achieving that future vision?

Global goals: The ABC for the future Leadership

We support the United Nations (U. N.) Global Goals.

As it happens, those three attributes; Active Economy, Beautiful Societies, and Clean Planet; are linked to the U. N.’s seventeen Sustainable Development, or Global, Goals (SDGs). 

We describe them as follows:

A for Active Economy:

Together we can build active economies. They have the potential to transform our current boom-and-bust-system into a self-sustaining ecosystem. Rooted in the limitless concept of abundance rather than our traditional focus on lack and competition they bring hope and happiness.

Future Proof - Active Economy Global Goals

B for Beautiful society

We can co-create the beautiful societies that civilisations have consistently been seeking for. They are based on values of freedom, equality, peace, and justice, and strong institutions. 

Future Proof - Beautiful Society Global Goals

C for clean planet

We can claim back our clean planet, restore natural order and reverse climate change. Not just for us but for the benefit of the future generations too. We can do this through conscious intervention and collaboration across national borders.

Future Proof - Clean Planet Global Goals

This decade was supposed to be a Decade of Action ‘supercharging ideas into solutions.’ However, the COVID-19-year of 2020 put a stop to action. And yet, businesses need to go on…

Global Goals help to explain and evidence the 'why' of your business

The question is, then, how businesses are affected by these three directives… 

Consumers and investors are becoming aware of the negative impact of businesses. Increasingly, they are expecting organisations to explain their ‘why,’ the meaningful purpose for their existence. But, it doesn’t stop there! They are demanding evidence of ethical business models and social impact that is pro-actively created.

However, many business leaders focus only on Profits, and ignore Purpose, People and Planet which puts them at risk of losing their loyal customers and social license to operate.

Future Proof Your Business logo with a tagline Purpose, People, Planet, Profit

Fortunately, we still have nine years to achieve the UN’s SDGs by 2030. The real power behind the Global Goals, for us all but also for business leaders, is to provide a visionary framework to help decide what is really important. Short-term gratification? Or long-term prosperity for all? The ultimate risk is that our planet will go bankrupt of resources and its sustainability if we do not take action now.

global goals as a future vision-tool

What is your wider future vision as a business leader? What Global Goals do you resonate mostly with?

Our mission at the Future Proof Your Business is to halt the existing model of short-sighted practices focused on profits and introduce our version of the Theory of Change. Global Goals provides a framework, a vision, and a roadmap for the change.

We inspire entrepreneurs and business leaders to adopt social impact as their core strategy. It helps them to view their operations in the eyes of their stakeholders. 

We challenge businesses to create a legacy that benefits, engages and delights their customers and other stakeholders. And also, ensures the sustainability of our planet.

What would all that mean to you, to your business, and to your loved ones? 

If that was something that aligns with your inner purpose and truth, what are you inspired to do about achieving that future vision?

Global Goals as a leadership roadmap

We see Global Goals as an important roadmap of realising our mission of creating a new model for future-proofing business in this turbulent world. Being part of this growing global community of change-makers is creating a powerful momentum.

So, start asking ‘better questions’ about the world’s wicked problems. As many people have throughout the history proven… if we ask better questions, we raise human consciousness and we drive positive change. 

As a first step, you may wish to download the SDG app and start taking inspired action. Or you could download our miniguide: The Future of Business. We are happy to help you with visioning a future that your business wishes to see and to take wider positive action in the world. 

"What positive change would NOT happen if you didn't dream bigger and took actions towards your vision now?"
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Anne Bland, Co-CEO of Future Proof Your Business

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