Future Proof Your Business Planet

Social impact by design microschool

Empowering Global Change with Purpose and Profit 

A new way of Be-ing and Do-ing Business in the post-COVID19 World
Future Proof Your Business and the World with Moral Imagination

What you will learn:

Every business wants to create impact, but how do you embed positive social impact into the very heart of your business? 

How do you become part of the new way of BE-ing and DO-ing business that your customers, employees and investors now demand and expect? Perhaps you are aware of the need to evolve your business but not sure how?

You will learn how to apply the Future Proof Six Step model that will enable you to co-create meaningful change through your existing business model, increase the financial and social value of your brand and attract better customers, employees and investors in future.

Course Modules

Future Proof your Business Impact

Here’s what our graduates are saying:

"We learned so much from Sue and Anne! There is a new way of being and doing business: doing good while doing well. Social impact is really important, and everyone has a role to play."
Flavia Kirunda
Programme Manager, BEAT Africa, South Africa
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Professor Mandi Rukuni
Founder, BEAT Africa, Zimbabwe

Special Bonuses

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Meet your Mentors

Sue Jackson, Co-CEO of Future Proof Your Business
About Anne Bland
Sue Jackson, CEO

Chief Empowerment Officer

Sue  is a business advisor and coach. Sue has more than 25 years of finance experience with global corporations, small and medium sized enterprises and charities. Sue loves simplifying complex ideas and challenging entrepreneurs and business leaders to realise their true potential by co-creating value and dreaming bigger. Sue has a BA in Modern Languages and is a Qualified Accountant and Tax Adviser in the UK. Sue feels most aligned with the U.N. Global Goals: Quality Education; and Gender Equality. Sue is also passionate about helping women to become more financially independent

Anne Bland, CEO
Chief Ecstasy Officer
Anne Bland has been pro-actively changing the world at individual, business, social and global levels. She is an ex-Green Party Deputy Leader in Finland and has over 20 years of experience in social enterprise and social impact. As a multi-passionate woman and a life-long learner, she has a MSc in Social Investment, Philanthropy and Grantmaking, and has recently invested 750 hours in learning ancient Tantric wisdom. She brings a ‘can do’ -attitude and a spirit of joy into business and partnership development. Anne resonates most with the U.N. Global Goals: Gender Equality; and Climate Action.
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