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For us, it is important to not just talk about social impact but to embed it in everything we do as much as we can. Wouldn’t it be wonderful when the future generations look back in history and they saw that, collectively as a human race, we made a difference to their lives too?

To do our bit and to co-create our impact, our intention is to:

  • Use our purchasing power and buy from businesses and charities that make a wider difference in the world
  • Partner with like-minded organisations that truly care about people and the planet
  • Build communities and stakeholder groups that have a beautiful purpose and missions in life
  • Exercise our love of giving 

Every time we do something, we give someone a smile somewhere in the world

Our Map of Impact

Meet Masami Sato, founder and ceo of b1g1

As proud B1G1 Champions, we want to inspire others to share the joy of giving through the ‘power of small.’ This means you don’t need to be making millions before you start making a big impact to someone else in the world.

B1G1 enables you to create impacts aligned to business activities and to share the spirit of your business with your team, clients, and community. You can join the B1G1 movement here or visit B1G1.com and use our code ‘IMPACT004’ to receive $20 worth of Giving Credit as a gift.

B1G1 Business For Good

supporting the UN Global Goals

The United Nations’ (U.N.) Global Goals (or Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs) give us a framework in this Decade of Action to rebuild Active Economies, co-create Beautiful Societies and re-generate a Clean Planet. The aim by 2030 is that no-one is left behind. Click the icons below to find out more about the Global Goals we resonate the most with and want to impact. 

Accelerating social impact for meaningful change

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