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social impact design and management

Social impact is not just about measurement and glossy annual or project report.

In effect, it is a living and dynamic part of your business that thrives when it is cared for.

Did you know that you can design and manage your social impact? 

Future Proof your social impact and profitability 

You naturally want to be profitable but also to make a difference in the world. Our Future Proof Framework has been designed exactly for that. We help you with social impact design and management. And, we have used it successfully in training and consulting, coaching and mentoring.

Based on your needs, we can look at your business model, strategies, finances, operations, and communications from a social impact point of view. In turn, this helps us to co-create processes and structures that work for you and for your business, and delight your customers and investors.

design and manage with a difference

Assessments and advisory

Future proof your finances and social impact

Understand your finances better to have a bigger social impact in the world and to become “investment-ready”. We can help you to discover your next steps on growing a more socially and environmentally impactful business with a lasting legacy. 

Coaching and Mentoring

Future Proof your mindset and purpose

Get clarity on your personal and business purpose to align your operations to create meaningful change. Develop a mindset that serves your purpose and allows you not just to survive but to thrive together with your business. The world needs you!

Programmes and courses

Future proof your business and the world

Future proof your business by designing social impact management structures and systems that work for you, your business, and your stakeholders. Build teams for achieving wider impact. Safeguard your legacy for future generations.

Gentle but Transformational

Our social impact pathways Are designed for You

We are creating a library of products and services. Meanwhile, you are welcome to book a call to discuss your needs.

Social Impact Assessment

social impact assessment

For businesses starting out on their impact journey

Any commercial business can create and adopt a successful social impact strategy, but where do you to start? This mini Social Impact Assessment is an easy way to begin your journey. It will help you to understand where you are at now. And then, to start designing and managing your social impact as effectively as possible. 

You will:

Financial Health Assessment

Financial Health assessment

For businesses preparing resources for their impact journey

Healthy cashflow and sustainable financial growth are at the heart of your business and help you to increase your social impact. This mini Financial Health Assessment is a great way to understand your current financial position. It will help you to  start making better decisions for your business and for the benefit of the wider world.

You will:

Future Vision Workshop

future vision workshop

For businesses that are ready to take the next step with their teams

You understand the benefits of becoming a business for good, but how do you get your team to buy into the bigger vision and benefits this brings? In this Future Vision Workshop, facilitated by us, you will co-create your social impact vision with your board and/or your team. What does your business look like in 1, 5 or 10 years time? What opportunities will unfold on your social impact journey?

Social Impact Business Design Microschool

Social Impact Business by Design

For business owners and leaders ready to start their journey of change

You know the social impact your business wants to create. But how do you embed positive social, economic, and environmental impact into your business? So that it becomes part of your new way of being and doing business that customers, employees, and investors now increasingly want and expect? Embody our  transformational Future Proof Framework that will help you to:

Welcome to the Ecstatic Empowerment Podcast with  Sue and Anne.

Ecstatic Empowerment is about a new, feminine way of doing business based on Purposeful Action, Playful Adventure, and Positive Flow. 

Sue and Anne discuss what ecstatic empowerment really means and why it is so important for business. 

It’s about disrupting the old, making a positive impact in the world in a joyful and ecstatic way, and empowering others to do the same.

In the Spirit of Playful Adventure, Purposeful Action, and Positive Flow 

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