What they say about 'social impact business by design' - programme?

"Businesses and philanthropy have traditionally worked in silos. Future Proof Your Business showed us that they are coming together in a new way: businesses should have a positive social and ecological impact and social impact investors are looking for such investment-ready businesses. To future-proof and scale our business, we created a much bigger vision and streamlined our operations strategically.”
Professor Mandi Rukuni
Director, BEAT Africa, Zimbabwe
"We learned so much! There is a new way of being and doing business: doing good while doing well! Social impact is really important, and everyone has a role to play. You need to measure your impact because investors align money with a wonderful legacy, they are not just giving money away. What difference do you make in the world?"
Flavia Kirundi
Programme Manager, BEAT Africa, South Africa

Other Testimonials

Testimonial Tina Jonasen, Female Courage Foundation
"Are you aware that you need to make some changes to the way you do business after crisis? But not sure what, where, how? Then you should certainly contact Future Proof Your Business to help you clarify which areas you need to implement changes on! Having known and worked with Anne and Sue - I can only give my Highest Recommendations."
Testimonial Gontse Matladi, Youth Mentor
"Meeting Future Proof Your Business was one of the best things that happened to me in 2020. The world must know your impact!"
Testimonial for Future Proof Your Business by Dr Aster Brylka
"I lacked deeper vision for my business and was struggling with how to make it both profitable and socially impactful. Future Proof Your Business taught me how to switch my entrepreneurial perspective and what to work on to make my business do well in 2021, and which people to partner with. Anne, always supportive and highly knowledgeable, is a great professional to work with.
Testimonial from Woon Tan, Podcast Publishing
"If you are looking to get any advice or help from someone with experience of running a social impact organisation or a traditional business on similar principles, Anne is a person to speak to."
Testimonial Gerdi Verwoert, Dare Greatly Coaching
Future Proof Your Business is passionate about helping businesses create an impactful and lasting legacy that is both positive and sustainable. When you want to create a business model that aligns with one or more of the Global Sustainability Goals, to make sure you continue to make a difference, I highly recommend working with Future Proof Your Business."

Accelerating social impact for meaningful change

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